How to Dress Up a T-Shirt and Jeans

Hey guys! Just wanted to post about my latest StyleSpotter collection!

Sometimes when I’m leaving the house, I want to just rush and get out. This usually leaves me lacking in the style department. One of my favorite things to do is accessorize the simple outfits. When wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I focus more on my shoes and handbags to make the outfit pop.

Here are my quick tips on making a simple outfit stylish:

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Diving into StyleSpotter

Hello guys! Long time, no see!

So recently, while digging through posts about bikes, Nintendo 64s, and polaroid cameras – I found an awesome job opportunity on Craigslist. While I haven’t had an interview yet, I’m really excited about the possible opportunity I could have working for StyleSpotter!

StyleSpotter is an online fashion shopping website and forum. You can find shoes, clothes, accessories – EVERYTHING – there with prices and coupons. You can also create collections and talk with other people on the site about their collections.

I’ve always really loved fashion. For a while, I really wanted to be a fashion designer, until I realized that would require drawing and sewing skills. There is something so amazing about taking something as simple as fabric and turning it into an expression of yourself. I love going to a thrift store and making an old shirt or an old dress into something modern and new.

So, the reason for this post is simple: go check my collections out! Even if I do not get this job, having somewhere to create fashion looks and finding other styles and trends to follow is something I will definitely plan on utilizing!

My collections can be seen here:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.57.01 PM copy

Thank you and wish me luck!