I don’t know how to be happy.

It’s a tough day today.

I can’t feel anything today. Not physically, but emotionally. I have no feelings. I have nothing.

I’ve been staring at the ceiling. I tried to take a nap because I’m always tired, but I couldn’t sleep at all. I’m sitting here and I still can’t think of what to write.

This is what depression is. People like to think that we can just cheer up and shake it off, but we can’t. When I say it’s debilitating, I mean it. I cannot do anything.

The word ‘depression,’ gets thrown around all the time. And this is why the stigma of mental illness is so awful. Do you know how many times I have heard that someone is depressed because they were sad?

There are two definitions to be aware of here.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about myself, my past, the future… I wonder how the new me will react to the current me. So on and so forth, which brings me to what I’ve thought about lately: high school. *shudder*

When I think back to high school, I don’t even consider the girl I was then to be the woman I am now. Would I be friends with her today? Maybe, maybe not. But there is a change in myself that I have learned grows over time.

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