New life motto: I AM Princess Leia

Today in therapy, I discussed my hatred for myself.

And in simplest terms, I view myself as a bad guy. I cause more harm than good, I feel like I’m a burden to everyone, and I know that if I could just be better – I would make everyone else’s life better too.

In a lot of ways, I feel like Darth Vader. I am mostly evil and selfish. I turned to the dark side, and I am a burden and a harm to everyone I meet.

My therapist listened to me and asked me, if I could be any character in Star Wars, who would I be?

Without question, I would be Princess Leia. She’s strong and brave. She’s beautiful. She’s sarcastic and funny. She’s honest. She is in charge. She can lead. She can do and be whoever she wants to be. She will fight for what she believes is right.

If I could be any character, I would be Leia. Instead, I feel like I’m Darth Vader.

So my homework this week, and my new life motto to tell myself on the hard days: I am Princess Leia.




Depression can be Darth Vader, but I will be Leia.



2 thoughts on “New life motto: I AM Princess Leia

  1. Princess I would take you in a New York minute. I enjoyed every minute I have been with you. You are special and very beautiful and very, very lovable. Am sorry you are having so such a hard time, wish you could pack it up and send it too me, so you could once again be that spirted very loving young woman that you have hidden and are trying to find. Love you BBG. Love you Grammy


  2. Alaina after reading my comment today I made a comment wrong, it”s not as I ment it. The comment was (you have hidden that loving young woman).

    How I truly ment it was and please forget that thought and please hear this one, (that has been hidden from you, and you are working very hard to find the spirited and loving you ) that is in there and sometime very soon you will find her. Please believe the second wording is what I meant not the first. I love you BBG and very very proud of you and always have been. Every one I word end with got tired lhearing about you and how very proud of you I was.

    Love you Grammy


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