How to Dress Up a T-Shirt and Jeans

Hey guys! Just wanted to post about my latest StyleSpotter collection!

Sometimes when I’m leaving the house, I want to just rush and get out. This usually leaves me lacking in the style department. One of my favorite things to do is accessorize the simple outfits. When wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I focus more on my shoes and handbags to make the outfit pop.

Here are my quick tips on making a simple outfit stylish:

  1. Try to mix and match jean styles. Jeans can come in all sorts of styles. You have your bootcut, your flare, your skinny, your boyfriend jeans and all sorts of others. Try mixing and matching your styles. If you’re going to go for a pair of skinny jeans, try to wear a loose or oversized top. Going for looser boyfriend jeans? Pair it with a tight crop top. The mix and match of jeans and tops will give the outfit more balance.
  2. Go for a screen print tee when you can. Screen prints are great because they’re unique and they do a lot of the accessorizing for you already. What I like to do is go to my local thrift store and find unique or vintage screen tees – that way I know very few people have it and I feel a little more special when I wear it. You can also find cheap screen print tees at Target and Forever 21.
  3. Make your shoe stand out. Wearing a basic outfit gives your feet a little more chance to shine. Pair your basic blue jeans and white tee with a bright yellow shoe or a crazy floral print sneaker. You can also pair color tones together to create a cool outfit. Maybe pair some black cut out ankle boots with your black skinny jeans and white tee to create a Rock-N-Roll look. Or a pair of brown ankle boots with an olive green tee.
  4. Accessories are your best friend. When you have an outfit that is really simple, you’re going to want your handbag, shoes, and accessories to be the things that pop. Find a floral or maybe a bright red handbag. Maybe try a really cool patterned headwrap. Or find a really funky watch or bracelet to wear. This is your time to let the crazy accessories shine.

If you want to check out my collection, check out @TheFrugalCloset on StyleSpotter!

– Alaina


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