Being a grown up… but not really.

Ok, so last week I went to a Disney concert. Actually, it was called Disney IN Concert.

While there were, I’m sure, other 21 year olds there without children, I’m going to express to everyone here that I felt like I was the only one. I saw a ton of little Elsa’s and little Anna’s and the occasional Cinderella or Aurora. I even saw a teenager dressed as Merida. I, however, dressed casually. I wore a dress and some Mickey tights. I couldn’t let anyone know that I was actually screaming on the inside due to excitement.

Just a Pre-Concert selfie...because why not?
Just a Pre-Concert selfie…because why not?

I dragged Sam along with me. I’m not sure he wanted to go at first, you know, being a 20-year-old dude. But, he’s my boyfriend and that’s just how it goes dating me, I guess. I’ve dragged him to so many girly things or Disney things or childish things that this must have just been normal for him.

Anyway, we got into the theater, and we have pretty nice seats. They’re balcony seats, but they’re good and in the center. The Long Center is pretty spectacular and I don’t think there’s a single seat on the upper level that doesn’t give you a great view of the stage. So anyways, we sit down and Sam and I are both pumped that our seats are on the edge of the row. Here’s how the conversation went between the two of us:

Sam – Yes! We are right by the stairs!

Me – YES! That means nobody will walk in front of us to go to the bathroom or walk out of the aisle.

Sam – *Something along the lines of how much he loves me because obviously I’m the best and he tells me this all the time*

So anyway, the concert begins with the overture and it’s a beautiful medley of classic songs from Cinderella and Sherman brother’s songs, and just everything is magical. I’m crying at this point and Sam just looks at me like I’m crazy, but also with that look like I’m adorable too.

Here's what the stage looked like.
Here’s what the stage looked like.

We get into all sorts of favorites after this. A Little Mermaid medley, songs from the Jungle Book, and even a cover of Colors of the Wind. Then, after the intermission, they cut the medley of Hunchback songs short. While I was relieved, because to be honest, I don’t like the Hunchback soundtrack too much – it’s much to dark for me, they cut it to a rendition of Let It Go.

Mind you, Let it Go was not in the program. Sam and I both roll our eyes and moan to each other. Previously, before Colors of the Wind, the singer asked what everyone’s favorite Disney heroine was, and the whole auditorium screamed Elsa, so we were prepared for a huge sing off. The song starts and I look to my left and I look to my right, and surprisingly, there’s little to no singing. Then, all of a sudden from two rows behind us, a young girl starts belting out the words. I think she’s the only one that sang along… which was both nice, and surprising.

The show included a Mary Poppins medley and a few rows ahead of us was a young boy dancing and singing to every single song. He was pretty enthusiastic and a great dancer. If only I wasn’t wearing huge heels, I might have gotten up and danced with him. JK, I’m not a dancer. But I would have wanted to.

The show ended with a cover of It’s A Small World. It’s a song that makes me reminiscent and also makes me annoyed because… I mean, if it’s not obvious, it’s like an ear-worm. It just doesn’t stop. But, the orchestra was great, the singers were wonderful, and hearing It’s A Small World made me so happy.

Intermission selfies. Because this is really almost the only way we take pictures together.
Intermission selfies. Because this is really almost the only way we take pictures together.

So, all in all, it was a wonderful day of Disney and happiness with my love. I don’t care how old I am, I would have gone alone if I had to. If it ever comes to your city, I would definitely think about attending because it’s pretty darn magical.

Now to just convince Sam to go to Disney On Ice with me… hmmmm…


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